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At Premier Financial Planning Services, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve the freedom that comes from confidently making good financial decisions. With our financial counseling, planning and advice, we have helped countless clients move towards a positive financial future.

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As a Registered and Certified Financial Planner we are uniquely qualified to help you take control of your financial future.

We encourage a completely transparent way of doing business. As such, we operate on a fee-only financial management system for our services.

Our Money Management Services

We essentially offer three Financial Planning and Management services at our firm:

  1. Financial Planning - With our money management advice and counseling, you will quickly find yourself making better financial decisions confidently. Managing your finances is an ongoing task. Seeking a specialist now for help will put you on a better path to reaching your goals.

    Financial planning is a process by which your financial situation is analyzed, alternatives are provided and recommendations are made.

    Financial Planning can be a comprehensive analysis of every element of your financial situation. Or, Financial Planning can be a modular examination of one or two aspects of your financial situation. For example, some clients want to know how much income they will have in retirement and what format that income should take.

    Either way, Financial Planning is a holistic approach to your finances. That simply means that we consider all the implications of certain financial plans or strategies when we advise for or against them.

    We are happy to provide Financial Planning services exclusive of any others.

    Find out more about our Fee Only Financial Planning Services.

  2. Investment Advice – We can advise clients with respect to their investment portfolios when requested to do so. We have a few different investment options that our clients can select from. Our focus is on achieving the correct investment diversification strategy and minimizing costs.

    Quite often we are hired to provide a second opinion on an investment portfolio. Part of that consultation is a discussion of the costs related to the management of your portfolio You may learn that fee-only investment advice is right for you (and possibly less expensive.)

    Find out more about our Investment Advice Services.

  3. Financial Divorce Specialty Work – This is a subset of Financial Planning. Our divorce money management support focuses on helping clients understand their new financial situation. It also focuses on helping clients understand the long-term implications of the division of assets.

    With our help you can better understand the implications of the decisions you are being asked to make during the divorce process, gain the knowledge you need to move forward after separation and clearly understand your new financial reality.

    A Financial Divorce Specialist does not provide legal opinion or advice. It is our role to assist, collect data and evaluate possible scenarios and prepare future financial projections. We can work closely with your divorce lawyer if requested.

    Find out more about our Financial Divorce Specialty Work.

Jacquie Skinner CFP, R.F.P, BA, ‘The Money Lady’, is an experienced financial planner. She opened Premier Financial Planning Services in Midland in 1992. She has clients in Midland, Penetanguishene, Victoria Harbour and Tiny & Tay Townships as well as Barrie, Alliston, Bradford, and Newmarket.

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