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At Premier Financial Planning Services, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve the freedom that comes from consistently making good financial decisions.

As a Registered and Certified Financial Planner we are uniquely qualified to help you take control of your financial future in one of 3 ways:

1. Fee-Only Financial Planning

We encourage a completely transparent way of doing business. As such, we operate on a fee-only basis for our services. It’s often easier to describe what financial planning is by saying what it’s not. It’s not about selling you an investment or an insurance policy.

Fee-only Financial Planning is exclusively about advice, answering questions and solving problems. If you have an issue that is a problem, then you need a plan of some sort to fix that problem. If you’re wondering how to do something, then you need an assessment of your alternatives and recommendations as to which alternative best suits you. If you don’t know whether you’re on the right track or not, then you need a financial plan to help you figure that out. None of that has anything to do with you buying an investment or insurance policy. It’s all about the advice.

With Fee-only Financial Planning, there will never be a discussion about a particular product or investment. Fee-only Financial Planning means that you know how much you are paying and what services you will receive in return. Most importantly, Fee-only Financial Planning creates a relationship without any potential conflict of interest and means that your entire financial picture is considered as opposed to just focusing on investment management.

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Report: The Value of Financial Planning

2. Fee-Based Investment Advice

We can advise clients with respect to their investment portfolios when requested to do so. We have a number of different investment options that we can offer to support your financial plan. Our focus is on achieving the correct investment diversification strategy and minimizing costs. Any discussion on this topic will include a discussion of the costs related to the management of your portfolio – what they are, how they are charged and what it means to you. You may learn that fee-based investment advice is right for you (and possibly less expensive.)

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3. Financial Divorce Specialty Work

This is a specialty within Financial Planning. Our separation / divorce support focuses on helping clients understand their new financial situation. It also focuses on helping clients understand the long-term implications of the division of assets.

With our help you can better understand the implications of the decisions you are being asked to make during the separation / divorce process, gain the knowledge you need to move forward after separation and clearly understand your new financial reality.

A Financial Divorce Specialist does not provide legal opinion or advice. It is our role to assist, collect data and evaluate possible scenarios and prepare future financial projections. We can work closely with your divorce lawyer if requested.

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Jacquie Skinner CFP, R.F.P, BA, ‘The Money Lady’, is an experienced financial planner. She opened Premier Financial Planning Services in Midland in 1992. She has clients in Midland, Penetanguishene, Victoria Harbour and Tiny & Tay Townships as well as Barrie, Alliston, Bradford, and Newmarket.

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